Jungle Lodges in Ecuador:

Cuyabeno National Park is located in the north east of the country and comprises 655,781 hectares of primary forest , covering the area of the Cuyabeno river basin, and ranges in altitude from 200 to 280m.

This extensive area of tropical rain forest has become a refuge for a wide variety of animal and vegetable species, many of which are in danger of extinction. In this region there are several zones of Igapo (lakes), Cananguchales (flooded areas), and terra firma, each with its own particular vegetation due to the differing ecological characteristics. Currently there have been recorded more than 12000 species of plants and trees, 580 species of birds, more than 100 species of mammals,
approximately 250 species of fish, etc. Among the most typical there are: the manatee, capybara, giant otter, tapir, freshwater dolphin, anacondas, crocodiles, piranhas, monkeys, parrots, toucans, hoatzins, cormorants, herons, etc.

The exuberant beauty of the scenery along the banks of the rivers which surround the park and its various lakes and waterways, where you can find the greatest variety of tropical jungle life, constitutes a tremendous attraction for those eager to discover the Amazon rain forest. On this tour you will feel like a real explorer of the Amazon. The infrastructure is basic, but the organisation excellent. Accompanied most at the time by a native guide from the Siona Indian community, with their expert knowledge of the jungle, and by a bilingual, qualified naturalist guide, you will be initiated to the jungle and its mysteries.