Indian Markets in Ecuador

One of the most attractive qualities of the Ecuadorian Andes is their native markets, and also one of the most well-known. Besides the warm atmosphere, the bustling sounds and smells and the wonderful colors of these markets, they are selling everything from freash fruit to rain-sticks. There are markets which specialize in produce, like Saquisili and there are others focusing on clothing and gifts, like Otavalo. No matter which market you decide to go to, you will be guaranteed to be awed by the life that fills the air there, and by the things you’ll see.

Of course the most famous market of them all is a couple hours north of Quito, it´s called Otavalo. This market is so well known because the focus of it is on the traveler and so they sell things like ponchos and pipes and many other bags and clothes that are beautifully colored and traditionally made by same the hands that sell them. Here is a list of some of the most visited markets in the Ecuadorian Highlands and when they´re open to help you better plan your market trips.

Day List of Open Markets
Sunday Santo Domigo de los Colorados, Pujili, Cuenca, Otavalo and Park El Ejido (Quito)
Monday Ambato
Tuesday Latacunga and Otavalo
Wednesday Pujili and Otavalo
Thursday Saquisili, Otavalo, Cuenca and Riobamba
Saturday Otavalo, Latacunga, and Park El Ejido (Quito)

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