Things to do in Ecuador

Here is another way of enjoying Ecuador, through all the activities you can do here. And believe me the landscape you are doing them in is making the whole difference !!

You are not just diving in the sea but in the sea with turtles, marine iguanas, dolphins and hammerhead sharks !

You are not just biking, you are biking by the highest volcano in activity in the world !

(This one works for horses too !! And if it is not the highest active volcano, it would be an amazing landscape anyway)

You are not trekking , you are at more than 3000m and you are going to see the inside of a volcano.

You are not rafting in whichever river but in the heart of the Amazonian jungle.

The springs are not just springs: did the mountain goes until inside the swimming pool in the last one you went in ?

Ok, the city tours are just city tours but well, the city makes the difference anyway !!