The Condor hike

Sincholagua rises on the eastern side of this river (Rio Pita), and forms the culminating point of a long ridge running northwards from Cotopaxi, which dies out in the basin of Chillo, and in a manner may be said to extend to the east and north-east until it meets the western slopes of Antisana.

Edward Whimper, 1892.

The paramo near Antisana is more varied than usual. Flowering PUYA plants are plentiful, providing nectar to the many hummingbirds, and there are even some rather subdued looking FRAILEJONES. Animals such as the Tailed Deer, Mountain Tapir, Puma, and Spectaled Bear have been sighted in this area. Antisana itself is a splendid sight with its four peaks covered with blue glaciers.

Antizana area
Suggested itinerary:

Day 1. Departure from Quito to the east on a road enriched by a spectacular landscape, we will cross a 4,100 m (13,452 ft) pass and immediately descend to Papallacta village, where we will set up our
campsite. There will be some time to enjoy its natural hot springs, the best in Ecuador. Dinner
will be served.
Day 2. After breakfast we will pack our gear onto horses, then we will head southeast following the flanks of Rio Tambo on a boggy trail, until we arrive at Laguna Volcan, where we will set up our campsite.
Dinner will be served.
Day 3. The day will begin with a rather long, interesting uphill hike, until we reach a long flat area on
the western flanks of Antizana. A wide variety of wild flowers and plants as well as birds including The Great Condor can be seen. Campsite by a fresh water stream, dinner.
Day 4. Today we will continue southeast on a gentle trail, towards Sincholahua peak. Both Antizana and
Cotopaxi will catch our attention showing us its best profiles. Some birds of pray as well as large herds of sheeps will be seen. Campsite and dinner.
Day 5. After breakfast we break down our campsite and prepare ourselves to hike up in the direction of the saddle betwen Sincholagua and Cerro Chico and immediately descend to the shores of Rio Pita, where we will set up our campsite.
Day 6. Breakfast. After crossing Pita River we will reach Cotopaxi National Park, at which point we will head soutwest to Limpios’ Valley where our vehicles will be waiting for us to take us back to Quito.