A Magical Sunset Walk, and a Thrilling Surprise Ending!

As we wind up our first-ever experience in the Galapagos Islands, we can’t help but think back to what we were thinking and how were feeling before we arrived. And it’s impossible for us not to think back to those days and just smile and shake our heads.

Despite all of our planning, despite all of our research, despite all the many articles and blogs and videos we’d read and seen about the Galapagos, and even despite all the great information given to us ahead of time by our friends at Adventure Life – before we came to the Galapagos, we still really honestly didn’t know what to expect when we got there. And it worried us.

Sure, we were excited. And certainly hopeful! Hopeful that we’d get see some incredible wildlife. Hopeful that we’d be immersed in, and completely overwhelmed by, the nature of the place. And certainly hopeful that our Galapagos experience would be everything we’d ever heard it would be. But nature is… well… nature. And nature of course does its own thing. And if nature wasn’t feeling particularly outgoing or exhibitive during our visit, there was always that chance that . So honestly, we went into the trip with tempered expectations.