Ecuador travel -  Ecuador Andes-Amazonas & Galapagos Expedition - Ecuador Adventure Tours - South American Tours

Ecuador travel - Ecuador Andes-Amazonas & Galapagos Expedition - Ecuador Adventure Tours - South American Tours

Ecuador travel -  Ecuador Andes-Amazonas & Galapagos Expedition - Ecuador Adventure Tours - South American Tours

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Ecuador travel -  Ecuador Andes-Amazonas & Galapagos Expedition - Ecuador Adventure Tours - South American Tours Andes-Amazonas & Galapagos Expedition, Ecuador Adventure Tours:

This is the tour that offers you the very best of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, it shows you that even though it is one of the smallest South American countries it is by far one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the World.

From the lively colonial cities of Quito and Cuenca, to the rich fauna of the deep rainforest and the many animals and birds that live there. Enjoy the spectacular views of the Amaizing Volcanoes in Ecuador, like the Cotopaxi, the highest active volcano in the world and the breathtaking lagoons at El Angel Park and Quilotoa. Interact with the amazingly and diverse wildlife of the beautiful Galapagos Islands and straddle the hemispheres with your feet on either side of the Equator line at Mitad del Mundo!


Day 01: Arrival in Ecuador's Capital Quito - City tour

Arrival in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, which lies at 2.800m above sea level. We pick you up from the airport and take you into the First class hotel Dann Carlton in the modern centre of the city. After a short break you get to explore this big city and learn something about its turbulent history. You will get to experience the new section of the city in the North with its many parks and tall modern buildings, the Avenida Amazonas, the Plazas Santo Domingo, Independencia and San Francisco which are in the colonial section in the South of the city. Due to its many historical architectural monuments the UNESCO declared the old part of town a world heritage site in 1978. From the Panecillo hill in the South of the old part of town, where the high monument of the Virgen of Quito stands at with 43m, you have an impressing prospect. From here you have wonderful views over the red clay tile roves of the old part of town, the skyline of Quito in the North, as well as the surrounding Andean cordilleras range with its outstanding snow-covered mountain giants. While we will enjoy a cocktail in the hotel bar in the evening, we will go over the plans for the journey.

Day 02: Equator monument and Pululahua Crater

Out Tour take us today to the North of Quito to the Mitad del Mundo. Here the 30 m tall Monument will tell us of the French-Spanish geodetic expedition of 1736-1744, which determined the position of the equator under the direction of Charles de la Condamine. Here you can stand with one leg on the northern and with the other leg on the southern Hemisphere of the earth and visit the ethnographical museum inside of the monument. Furthermore you visit the Museo de Sol, where you will learn about the culture of the country and its history dating back to the Incas. You are then driven to the nearby-protected area Reserva Geobotánica Pululahua, located in the crater of an extinct volcano. Here you have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the indigenous plant world and the abundant hummingbirds and butterflies. In the evening we return to Quito. B/L/-

Day 03: Indio market in Otavalo

Today we take a trip to the Indio market of Otavalo, which is famous for its collection of richly coloured textiles. After exploring the colourful market quarters for arts and crafts and all kinds of souvenirs we eat in a typical restaurant in Otavalo at midday. Additionally we make a short stop at a beautiful sea-district, which is the homeland of the Otavaleños. We visit the Cuicocha Lake, which is in an extinct volcano that rises high above the town of Cotacachi, famous for its leatherwork. We will stay overnight on the Hosteria Chorlavi, where we will also have dinner. B/L/D

Day 04: National Park El Angel

The Ecuador trip continues towards the North of the country and on the Pan-American we drive by the valley Chota. You will see a fascinating mixture of tropical fruit plantations and wild terrain. This lagoon-rich high mountain landscape is the homeland of the metre-high endemic plant Frailejones Gigantes. The plant, which covers large surfaces of the area, means in the translation "the Giant Monk". After visiting this wonderful landscape we return to the Hosteria Chorlavi in the afternoon B/L/D

Day 05: Chorlavi - Papallacta hot springs

A visit to the lagoons of Mojanda at approximately 3.500m. Here there are three crystal-clear lagoons (Mojanda Grande, Negra and Chiquita) situated in the crater of the extinct volcano Mojanda. From here we drive the South via the village of Cayambe and later on to Papallacta. This village is located at 3.700m in the midst of an evergreen Páramo landscape. The area is renowned for its hot springs. Relax in the scenic pools and see if you can spot the ice giant Antisana (5.758m). We will stay overnight in the SPA Resort Termas de Papallacta. B/L/D

Day 06: Cotopaxi National Park - Albergue Cuello de Luna

Heading South on the "Volcanoes Avenue" will bring us to the Cotopaxi National Park. We will make a stop at the centre Campamento Mariscal Sucre to visit the natural history museum. After that we drive to the lagoon Limpiopungo. Here we have a spectacular view of the gigantic volcanic cone of Cotopaxi. In the afternoon the travel goes over the Pan-American to the nearby Albergue Cuello de Luna, which is located at 3.300 m at the foot of the Cotopaxi. The rooms of this small Finca are colourful and cosy with fireplaces. Here we will enjoy a typical dinner and stay overnight. B/L/D

Day 07: Crater lake Quilotoa - Albergue Cuello de Luna

Today you will travel into the area of Chugchilán in a 6-hour round trip, which is geographically the most impressive in Ecuador. First you will drive south to Zumbuahua, a small colourful village inhabited by 70 native families. The crater lagoon of Quilotoa is only about 10 km away. This lake is one of the most beautiful volcanic chilled water lakes of the Ecuadorian Andean. From the crater edge one can see different snow-capped volcanoes in the distance. After a short walk it goes back over Chugchilán and Sigchos to the Alberge. On this Tour we will have the oportunity to observe original villages and the wonderful landscape, as well as the large variety of native plants and birds resident in the area. Overnight accommodation in the Albergue Cuello de Luna. B/L/D

Day 08: Pasochoa - Albergue Cuello de Luna

A tour into the protected Pasochoa Forest about 50km South of Quito leads us into the Ecuadorian timber forest. The access is at approx. 2.700m height. Here you get to see the giant Bromeliads and the rare Orchids and ascend to a height of 3.500m. At the Cerro Pasochoa we achieve a height of 4.200m. More than 120 species of birds live here. This is the perfect opportunity to observe hummingbirds and the rare Condor. In the evening you return to the Alberge for Dinner and overnight. B/L/D

Day 09: Alberge Cuello de Luna -Jungle Eco lodge Las Cascadas

Drive from the Alberge South via Latacunga and Ambato and pass the small Indian village of Salazaca. The Salazaca Indios live of the land using traditional agricultural methods and making hand-made woven articles. After a tour through the small village you continue your journey to Baños. Past the dam Agoyan it follows a dusty road through the valley of the Rio Pastaza past many waterfalls. After a visit to the excellent zoological Park Fatima in Puyo, which is at the border to the jungle, you can observe many jungle-animals from the Jungle. We will drive east approximately 40 kilometres to the Lodge Las Cascadas. Overnight accommodation and dinner in the lodge. B/L/D

Day 10: Las Cascadas Jungle exploration

You begin the day with a good breakfast rich with local's fruits. After that you will undertake a Tour to the charming waterfalls of Las Cascadas accompanied by your native guide and naturalist Tour leader. On your way you will get the chance to learn about the local animal and plant world in this still unaffected natural landscape and hopefully get to see hummingbirds, parrots, armadillos and monkeys. Back from the trip into the jungle you can relax in a hammock on the veranda of the lodge and enjoy a tropical cocktail. We end the day around campfire!. B/L/D

Day 11: Las Cascadas Jungle exploration

Today there is the opportunity to explore the tropical rainforest at you leisure and become familiar with the local plant life. With giant buttressed trees, lianas, bromeliads and helicons as beautiful rare orchids. This is an area that attracts a lot of birds and butterflies. Around the lodge you are able to see birds, hummingbirds, pepper birds and even the odd curious monkeys! Back at the lodge there will be a traditional Ecuadorian barbecue. In the late evening there is a walk in the rain forest around the lodge, in order to be able to observe the nocturnal inhabitants of the jungle. B/L/D

Day 12: Las Cascadas Jungle Lodge - Baños

Before we leave the jungle, we tate a tour to an orchid farm just outside Puyo. Here you can see over 400 different orchid species and many other exotic rain forest plants like bromeliads, helicons and anturiums. After lunch in Puyo we continue our drive to the village of Rio Verde, named after the river that runs through it. Here we will visit the well-known waterfall 'Pailon de Diablo'. In the afternoon we will arrive in the charming town of Baños at the foot of Vulcan Tungurahua, which is still active and the source of the hot springs for which Baños is famous. Overnight accommodation in the Hosteria Monte Selva. B/L/-

Day 13: Relaxing day in Baños - Hosteria Abraspungo

Today you can explore Baños at your leisure. Visit the unique sugar market, go to the hot springs for some relaxation in the warm waters or just enjoy the laid back friendly atmosphere in the plazas and many local art and craft shops that line the bustling streets. Do not forget to visit the famous church of the Virgen de Agua Santa! In the late afternoon we drive to Riobamba, where we will stay overnight in the Hosteria Abraspungo. B/-/D

Day 14: Travel with the spectacular Andes train - Cuenca

After a good breakfast we go to the train station in Riobamba for the breathtaking Tour through the mountains to Chanchan. The line was completed in 1902 and is the steepest railroad in the world, a true technical masterpiece! The train weaves down the track and down the stretch known as 'Nariz del Diablo' (the Devil's Nose) 300m high at a walking pace. The station of Chanchan is the last stop for us. From here we travel to the beautiful city of Cuenca. On the way we stop at the famous 'Ingapirca' (Quechua for "wall rocks of the Inca") the most important and well preserved Inca ruins in Ecuador where you can wander around the beautiful site and visit the museum. The last stage to Cuenca takes 2 hours and leads us to the comfortable Hostal Inca Real. B/L/-

Day 15: Cuenca City Tour

This morning we will explore the colonial part of the city where you will find churches, many art and craft shops and a flower market. All this is located amongst beautiful old houses in an area that was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1999. Cuenca is considered as the cultural metropolis and the arts and crafts centre of Ecuador. The city itself and the surrounding countryside is a fantastic place to buy ceramics, embroidery, leather goods, panama huts and baskets. At midday we will eat in a typical restaurant in Cuenca. B/L/-

Day 16: Cajas National Park - Guayaquil

We drive 15km West of Cuenca to the Cajas National Park. Here you will find around 200 lagoons left over from the ice age, today forming an extensive recreation area at a height of 3.150m to 4.450m. Small rivers connect the series of lakes and these eventually flow into both the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. After a short trekking through the highlands we travel to the coast to Guayaquil. Overnight accommodation in the Hotel Hampton Inn. B/L/-

Day 17: Flight Guayaquil - Baltra; beginning he Galapagos Cruise

After breakfast we will take you to the airport in Guayaquil, from where you fly to Baltra. Transfer from the airport to the harbour, where your cruise begins to the amazing island world of the Galápagos. On a tourist class yacht, first class yacht or luxury class yacht, you will travel to the small island of Bartolomé, which has an interesting collection of lava formations, tunnels and a cinder cone. From the highest point of Bartolomé one has a marvellous view over the island of San Salvador and the Pinnacle Rock, which has a bizarre rock formation. The island also offers very beautiful sandy beaches. B/L/D

Day 18: Island Fernandina

After sailing around the Island Isabela, we reach the third biggest and furthest West Galápagos Island, Island Fernandina. It is the youngest and most volcanically active island in the archipelago. The main attractions of Fernandina are the numerous sea lion colonies, penguins, flight-incapable Cormorant and the huge sea lizard colonies (the largest of the Galápagos). B/L/D

Day 19: Sailing arround Island Isabela

Today we have the Island Isabela on the Itinerary, which consists of five cohering active volcanoes. First you visit Bahía Urbina where you can admire extra large sea lizards, cormorants and even the rare mangrove finch. In the afternoon we explore the mangroves bay Bahía Elizabeth. Here live Mangrove sharks, water turtles and rays. B/L/D

Day 20: Sailing arround Island Isabela

You will visit Puerto Villamil, which is at the South coast of the island. Here you find the flamingo lagoon and a wonderful fine sandy beach, which is surrounded by coconut palms trees. B/L/D

Day 21: Sailing to Island Santa Cruz

Travel to the Santa Cruz island to visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, which is a special highlight of the journey. At the station you become acquainted with Lonesome George, the only survivor of a species of the giant turtle. Subsequently, you move to an endemic forest of full fig and Kandelabercactee, hairy Muyuyo trees, poisonous Manzanillo trees and many other plants that thrive on Galápagos. Here is also the volcanic crater of Los Gemelos. From here we go back to Baltra. Later on we will fly back to Quito. B/L/-

Day 22: Quito - Return flight home

After a last day in Quito we accompany you to the airport and say goodbye. But only until our next meeting! B/-/-

B= breakfast; L= Lunch; D= Dinner

Prices 2006 :
Starting from USD 5.290.- per Person

In the price included:
All transfers in private transportation, excursions and overland tours as mentioned above, Accommodation based on double rooms at first class hotels and haciendas in the country site, flights Guayaquil-Galapagos-Quito, meals according to the itinerary description (B: breakfast, L: Lunch; D: Dinner), National Park entrance fees (Galapagos excluded). English speaking guide and native guide in the jungle, rubber boots, rain poncho. A tourist class yacht in Galapagos with accommodation in double cabins and private bathroom, English speaking naturalist guide on Galapagos.

Not included in the price:
Beverages, extra charge for single rooms, Galapagos National Park fee (100 USD) airport tax from Quito (25 USD) personal items, tips, travel insurance and luggage.

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