Gringo Trail

To keep in mind

As we are dealing with destinies that lack infrastructure in most cases the traveler should be equipped with drinking water and canned food. Flashlights and other camping equipment are necessary. It can not be recommended to take pets or artifacts which would destroy the harmony.

Guided tours

Because of the condition that some places in the country are little explored or rather unvisited you definitely should go accompanied by a professional. The communities in the region use to provide that kind of service. In case of practicing extreme sports it is of vital importance to have a guide.

Contact with nature

The intention is to realize an ecologically sustainable type of tourism. This could be put into practice by living together with the indigenous people, by camping in a national park or just enjoying the adrenaline caused by extreme sports. All these are made for nature lovers.

About easy access

Most roads are accessible by own vehicle or by public buses. Only a few places demand other ways of access like by rivers or by air, in any case those are just as easy to access as by land. Most roads with a few exceptions are in constitution to enable a normal way of traveling.

Counting sheep

Who is looking for a very comfortable bed and five star services should not travel to these countries. One thing to be considered before traveling is that in a lot of places you won’t find formal accommodation: the community hostels or pensions are the most common option, or in a place that lacks accommodation you can still put up your tent.